I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end.                         KHALI GIBRAN

Creating a Visual Legacy

Family is everything. The forming years set forth the values for the rest of our lives. Family defines who we are and our togetherness creates confidence. A wall portrait is a daily reminder of your loving origins.

Most of our relationships take place in our heads, they are not communicated explicitly for various reasons. Families we work with are grateful for the message our elegant and well-planned portraits allows them to send to their children, as they not only convey love and how special they are, they create a permanent presence and an emotional beacon in your home. It is our intention and purpose that these portraits help setting the visual standard of strength, sweetness and togetherness for your family and convey what it means to live a life of no regrets. We aim to provide portraits that have soul and honor our most treasured relationships either together as a family or focusing on one individual at a time.

Our specialty is combining photographic realism and the timeless craftsmanship of paintings (Masterpiece portraits) to create a piece of art you can proudly display as a symbol of your bond and pass along for generations to come or preserve the memories and precious beauty of your loved ones at this point in time with a one-of-a-kind Art Quality Portrait.

So grateful for the opportunity to work with Bjorn Meisner! His portraits are filled with beauty, grace, drama and elegance and he takes the time to portray the soul. Classic, Iconic and intentional.


For some of us, we only get a few of these defining portraits during the short journey that permits to tell our story of our lives. Sadly for many, the realization of a portrait’s value occurs when it is too late, mostly due to occupation with rather short-lived priorities. Our unique process helps you to succeed toward the portrait that is defining of this period in your life. Our creative choices and guiding communication all aim at elegance/simplicity of the final artwork and a convenient and informed experience. We exclusively work inside our studio for further efficiencies, effectiveness toward our purpose, and to control environmental distraction. You can have your portrait taken any time of the year, and conveniently prepare in our beautiful and private facility.

Bjorn has the magical ability to capture the essence of your family. We trusted his advice, had a relaxed photo shoot, and loved the choices of pictures. Bjorn's strength lies in how he gets to know each member of your family and brings out their personality and strengths through his work. The process is fascinating and we have treasured works of art due to his artistic eye and thoughtful guidance. 


Having your portraits made literally “saves this moment” for you to reflect on later. Keep in mind that they aren’t just for parents. One day, your children will be incredibly grateful they have beautiful family portraits for them to cherish the whole family together. 

Getting the family together for your portrait is something you’ll be glad you did. You will feel this way once you see it displayed, but even more when years have passed and your family has changed. The sweetness of now is the gift that keeps giving. You cannot stop time, that’s why families commission us to tell their story. With Björn’s Timeless Portraits, you will quickly see commitment to quality and an aesthetic sense of portraying people at their best.

We are excited to start the conversation toward creating a piece of your personal eternity.

Björn Meisner