Top 5 Mistakes Brides Make When Hiring a Photographer

March 31, 2015


Your wedding photography should reflect the true you, tell the story of your day and reveal your personality in an artistic manner. It should connect on a deep human level to create truly meaningful memories. Below are 5 mistakes that I see couples are making when looking for a wedding photographer.


5. Focusing on the quantity of images versus the quality. Everybody has a camera and you will be literally flooded with images after your wedding from friends and family. Your professional photographer should be the one who is selective to provide you with imagery that tells the story in an artistic way. You have an entire guest list of snap shooters that is happy to fill up your email boxes and social media site. Well lit, beautifully composed and artistically enhanced imagery is what you should look for in your professional photography. Asking for how many images will you will receive is really not helping you in your decision making.


4. Not making a human connection. You and your spouse are complex people, with complex experiences and relationships and family structures. It is imperative that you and you photographer connect on a deeper level to build trust and take stress out of the wedding day. Consultations before and after the wedding are very important to set expectations and providing truly customized service. A well thought through schedule and engagement photo session further build on an organic understanding  of each other. Good photography comes from a place of deep humanity, an artistic eye, experience, and a connection between photographer, bride and groom.


3. Thinking of your photography as a transaction versus a relationship. You are planning something special, don’t settle for an end-all, be-all package. Chances are that you will use your photography for gift ideas after the wedding, and also for reserve the day notes, thank you cards, slide-shows, engagement picture guest books, wall portraits or just for sharing online. But it doesn’t stop there: Just like your wedding is the beginning of your marriage, your wedding photography is the beginning of your life’s story together. Creating your first heirloom – an artistically crafted album with many paper, layout and cover choices and wall portraiture for yourself and/or your parents is a significant part of the photography service you should receive to create truly meaningful memories. Keep in mind your photos are for now and forever.


2. Not tapping into the experience and knowledge of your photographer. Not only is your photographer the only vendor that is with you the entire day, but he/she has seen many weddings from beginning to end and can provide valuable insights into your itinerary planning, vendor selection and other recommendations. Light during different parts of the day as well as the ability to create light are a big part of a photographer’s expertise. Beyond that, your photographer has a strong knowledge of photographic goods like photo papers, canvas, album manufacturers, techniques for digital enhancements, and album design. Don’t settle for the common belief that receiving your disk with all images is your final product. This defeats the purpose of achieving high quality memories and creating something truly special.


1. Not knowing what you want. Finding the right photographer is a process that should be very personal to you. It is important to share what is most meaningful to you. Be planful about the kinds of questions you want to ask to determine which photographer is the best fit. Saying that photography is most important to you, but trying to find the lowest price service is contradicting your goal. Relying on recommendations and well-known names is a plausible way to narrow down the photographers you’d like to interview, but you have to find the photographer that is right for you. You are unique. Hire a professional that makes an effort to understand you. Once that you find that photographer, reserve your wedding date before it’s too late.

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